Me and I

Kroon Casino Brought Us Back Together

I never thought things could change drastically after I got a phone call from my dearest friend Tom. He told me he resigned at his current employer in order to work as a freelance graphic designer in the online gambling industry. Tom has many experience in this industry. He used to work for PlayTech, you know that company that created that famous online slot called Age of Gods slot. I read in an Análisis del casino codere that playtech offers some of the best casino games in the industry. Tom told me that many online casinos are looking for graphic designers and that is what he likes to do. I couldn’t agree more, looking at my own experiences the online casino industry seems to grow everyday and that is why i’m working in this field as well. I’m very excited for Tom and his journey to become a graphic designer, he already managed his first assignment for Kroon Casino, one of the most popular Dutch online casino. He completed the assignment two weeks ago and Kroon Casino seemed to be very happy with his work.

That Tom now works for Kroon Casino is what shocked me a little bit, especially because I knew that Edith’s sister is also working at the headquarters as well. Last week they had a small office party and Tom invited me to join him, which I eventually did. At this party, I suddenly ran in to Edith who was just on her way to the ladies room. Apparently, her sister asked her to join, which made the situation pretty awkward for the both of us. We started talking, even though she broke my heart in to thousands of little pieces. She told me that she really misses me, but is still determined to stay single for a while. I somehow can understand her, but on the other hand I just want to be with her. Edith pointed the Kroon Casino Bonus Graphic which was hanging on the wall, saying that she really adores that graphic. Little did she know, I was the one who made that Kroon Casino Bonus graphic years ago.

During the party I waited patiently for everybody to leave the room, because I suddenly had the best plan ever. Slowly I started to unscrew the graphic from the wall and wrapped it with a newspaper. After the party, I waited for Edith outside in order to surprise her. She walked down the stairs and smiled when she spotted me. I told her this was the last gift to her and my way to say thank you for our time together. While unwrapping the graphic, Edith started to cry and hugged me intensively. She told me my brave act had really surprised her and she admires me for that.

The exciting adventure of last week resulted in an actually date! The day after the Kroon Casino Bonus graphic situation, Edith gave me a call! I’m so happy and excited at the same time. I know I should calm down, especially because she really hurted me before. I mean, everybody deserves a second chance right? Never thought the assignment of the the best Online cricket website Kroon Casino Bonus & the online casino bonus ohne einzahlung Graphic could actually help in getting in touch with Edith. If we take things slowly, good things will eventually come our way, i’m sure of it!

I Dream of Edith

I’ve really been thinking about my social life since being promoted to director of development, and you know what? I really miss Edith. I know, you’re probably thinking that I have completely lost my mind and maybe I have.

It was Edith who broke my heart with a sudden breakup and Edith who influenced me to spend way too much money, most of which was on her. She could always depend on me to support her financially and emotionally but, it seemed, I could count on her for nothing. “So why would you want to get back with her,” you ask. The answer is simple: I love her!

I adore the way that Edith talks and the unique way that she twists her hair when she’s interested in a subject. Nothing compares to her brilliance. In every way that I have failed to be the great man that I’ve always aspired to be, she has been woman enough for the both of us. “But she broke your heart,” you say. You are absolutely right.

I’m not saying that all should be forgiven and forgotten. After all, Edith made promises that she didn’t even try to keep. She promised me a heavenly relationship and all that I experienced was hell. She told me that she would never leave me because she believed in “us.” Well, you see how that went. Edith told me that I had her full devotion. At every instance, however, she was looking for a better man to run away with. “So why would you want her back,” you ask. I really don’t know.

Perhaps it’s the assurance that comes with being in a relationship. Nothing compares to knowing that you have someone to come home to. Maybe it’s the idea that one day I could get married so that I won’t have to be a fifty-year-old man living alone. Although she never mentioned it, I knew that Edith would have agreed to marry me with a bit of persuasion and a big diamond.

Maybe I’m just pathetic. I’m in love with a woman who thinks nothing of me. Still, I love Edith.

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Good Things Come

There’s a saying that good things come to those who wait. Boy, that couldn’t be truer! After several years of slaving as an assistant, I was finally promoted to director of design.

I began with this online casino ten years ago after a spout of unemployment, because I always liked to speel gokkasten gratis online. I especially like the sicbo game, if you never heard of it, you can find information at We all go through that segment after college where we don’t know what we want to do in life. Well, mine lasted three years. I was living at home with my parents at twenty-five years old when I up and decided to start applying for jobs, at big companies like IG. I graduated three years prior but didn’t want to enter the corporate world. According to me, I was a rebel. Everyone else labeled me as a bum.

Whether bum or not, this company decided to take a chance on me. The pay was fair and the job duties as an apprentice were fairly easy. My primary task was to trail the very important workers. The thought was that if I could learn what they were doing and make it my own, then I would find success.

The executive’s hypothesis proved to be true when, after a few months on the job, I caught on to the rhythm of online gaming and soared like an eagle. I suddenly found myself at the center of positive discussions. “Daniel Monzon is really going places,” one executive said. “Yeah,” another agreed, “He is one to watch.” Well, I was one to watch and take note of, which is why they promoted me to an assistant developer of the online casinos online slots after two and a half years of work. Unfortunately, it has taken another six and a half years to move even further up the ladder.

Regardless of how much time it has taken, I am happy to be promoted. I’m moving on up and expect to get my deluxe apartment in the sky real soon.
All of this great news is a definite pick-me-up after my breakup with Edith. Man, I miss that girl. Although today was a good day, I couldn’t help but wonder what her response would be if I told her of my achievement. “That’s great,” she’d probably say. “Now let’s go celebrate.” Of course, her definition of celebration would include dining at one of London’s finest restaurants and taking her shopping the next day. Man, I really miss that girl.

She Loves Me Not

Today wasn’t a good day. Edith called it quits and left my heart shattered in a million irreparable pieces. She said that she wasn’t ready for a serious relationship just yet but I think there’s more to the story.

How could we be going steady for a good while and then, out of the blue, she decides it’s no longer working? Guys, I gave her everything. We wined, dined and live extravagantly together. Every time she called, I answered. When she had car trouble, it was me who got out of my bed at three o’clock in the morning to stand by her side on the side of the highway. I didn’t even need to be there since she has roadside assistance but wanted to calm her nerves that were in disarray as a result of a wrench literally being thrown in the road. And how does she repay me? With a breakup!

I curse the day that I ever met the nurse who works at the local hospital. She placed all of the blame for her failed marriage on her ex-husband and, like a fool, I believed her. How could Edith do this to me? Here I was thinking that our love would last, and she was only looking for a way out. Everything is all good, though. I know what I will do moving forward.

From here on out, I will focus on my job as a developer and stick close to my good friends. Jerrod and Lisa have never betrayed me and they love me for who I am. To think that I spent thousands on a girl who claimed not to be materialistic. Everyone knows that I’m a saver! Edith claimed to dislike shopping but I couldn’t keep her out of boutiques. She said that she hated liars. How could you despise a characteristic that you exhibit best? I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.
There are plenty of fish in the pool who deserve my love. Lisa just doesn’t know how good she had it! Still, I won’t lie, if she came to my flat today and apologized for everything I’d take her back in a heartbeat. What is wrong with me? Am I in love or am I just a fool?

She Loves Me

Well people, I am officially off the market. I took Edith to Zuma and she loved it! I wasn’t quite sure that the Japanese restaurant would have enough luxury to impress her, but Edith isn’t that kind of girl. As it turns out, she lives the simple life and loves to save a euro here and there. Her personality is perfect for me since I, too, am frugal.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t make money. As a developer for the casino, my yearly income is six figures. Just because you bring in the butter, though, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it all up at once. I believe in saving and spending only what is absolutely necessary. Perhaps my passion for budgeting is why my friends are limited.

There are a few people that I call “pal.” Jerrod works for an online casino like me and Lisa doubles as a teacher and bartender. I know, and yes, a teacher and bartender. A girl has got to eat! Anyway, I met them during my collegiate years, and working online hasn’t afforded me the opportunity to consistently go out and meet new people since then. Except for Edith, or course.

Who would have thought that a spontaneous trip to the neighborhood pub would turn into a love connection? Certainly not me. She liked everything about our date at Zuma, from the decor of the restaurant to the food, and even agreed to go out with me a second time. How will I ever top myself? At least this time I kind of have a better idea of her personality.

Edith loves the outdoors and absolutely hates shopping. A girl who hates shopping; imagine that! She’s pretty easygoing but absolutely doesn’t tolerate lying. From where I’m sitting, literally, things are looking up. I wonder what kind of family we would have if we were to go down the matrimonial road. We haven’t discussed these things just yet. I didn’t want to overwhelm her on the first date, you know?
In any case, life with Edith is going to be great. I can already feel the seeds of love growing inside of me.

I Met A Girl

She looked me in the eye and said, “Hello.” My world was immediately turned upside down and all of the air was sucked out of the room. I asked her if she would go out with me, and guess what? She said yes! I met a girl tonight, guys … and it was fabulous!

Her name is Edith and she lives in London like me. I’ve never seen her before, which is not uncommon for a town like London. With so many people living here, it’s a wonder that you run into family members.

So anyway, Edith told me that she is a nurse at the hospital and I thought, “How old are you?” She barely looked old enough to gamble, let alone to be a nurse. As it turns out, my girl (I can’t believe I just said, “My girl!”) is thirty years old and looking to get back into the dating pool after twelve years of marriage.

Edith got married fresh out of high school. She was in love and her boyfriend was the apple of her eye. So, in the true spirit of love, Edith and her man, Jason Grants, jumped the broom after promising one another an eternity together.

Eternity came up short ten years into the marriage when Edith found out that her man was having an affair. “How could he,” she asked me. “I gave him everything.” She was asking me as if I had an answer to the question. All that I could do was shrug my shoulders and listen intently.

While listening, I learned that my girl is loyal, trustworthy, and willing to fight tooth and nail for anything that she believes in. I hope she believes in me. I hope that she believes in us.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a relationship. Although I am thirty-five, I haven’t had that many girlfriends. Some people blame it on my personality. I guess you could call me an introvert. Other people, however, see the root problem, which is the lack of time. As the assistant director of development for one of the most popular online casinos in town, I don’t have too much time for socializing. I’m just hoping that this first date with Edith will be the start of something new and exciting. Wish me luck!