There’s a saying that good things come to those who wait. Boy, that couldn’t be truer! After several years of slaving as an assistant, I was finally promoted to director of design.

I began with this online casino ten years ago after a spout of unemployment, because I always liked to speel gokkasten gratis online. I especially like the sicbo game, if you never heard of it, you can find information at We all go through that segment after college where we don’t know what we want to do in life. Well, mine lasted three years. I was living at home with my parents at twenty-five years old when I up and decided to start applying for jobs, at big companies like IG. I graduated three years prior but didn’t want to enter the corporate world. According to me, I was a rebel. Everyone else labeled me as a bum.

Whether bum or not, this company decided to take a chance on me. The pay was fair and the job duties as an apprentice were fairly easy. My primary task was to trail the very important workers. The thought was that if I could learn what they were doing and make it my own, then I would find success.

The executive’s hypothesis proved to be true when, after a few months on the job, I caught on to the rhythm of online gaming and soared like an eagle. I suddenly found myself at the center of positive discussions. “Daniel Monzon is really going places,” one executive said. “Yeah,” another agreed, “He is one to watch.” Well, I was one to watch and take note of, which is why they promoted me to an assistant developer of the online casinos online slots after two and a half years of work. Unfortunately, it has taken another six and a half years to move even further up the ladder.

Regardless of how much time it has taken, I am happy to be promoted. I’m moving on up and expect to get my deluxe apartment in the sky real soon.
All of this great news is a definite pick-me-up after my breakup with Edith. Man, I miss that girl. Although today was a good day, I couldn’t help but wonder what her response would be if I told her of my achievement. “That’s great,” she’d probably say. “Now let’s go celebrate.” Of course, her definition of celebration would include dining at one of London’s finest restaurants and taking her shopping the next day. Man, I really miss that girl.