I’ve really been thinking about my social life since being promoted to director of development, and you know what? I really miss Edith. I know, you’re probably thinking that I have completely lost my mind and maybe I have.

It was Edith who broke my heart with a sudden breakup and Edith who influenced me to spend way too much money, most of which was on her. She could always depend on me to support her financially and emotionally but, it seemed, I could count on her for nothing. “So why would you want to get back with her,” you ask. The answer is simple: I love her!

I adore the way that Edith talks and the unique way that she twists her hair when she’s interested in a subject. Nothing compares to her brilliance. In every way that I have failed to be the great man that I’ve always aspired to be, she has been woman enough for the both of us. “But she broke your heart,” you say. You are absolutely right.

I’m not saying that all should be forgiven and forgotten. After all, Edith made promises that she didn’t even try to keep. She promised me a heavenly relationship and all that I experienced was hell. She told me that she would never leave me because she believed in “us.” Well, you see how that went. Edith told me that I had her full devotion. At every instance, however, she was looking for a better man to run away with. “So why would you want her back,” you ask. I really don’t know.

Perhaps it’s the assurance that comes with being in a relationship. Nothing compares to knowing that you have someone to come home to. Maybe it’s the idea that one day I could get married so that I won’t have to be a fifty-year-old man living alone. Although she never mentioned it, I knew that Edith would have agreed to marry me with a bit of persuasion and a big diamond.

Maybe I’m just pathetic. I’m in love with a woman who thinks nothing of me. Still, I love Edith.

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