She looked me in the eye and said, “Hello.” My world was immediately turned upside down and all of the air was sucked out of the room. I asked her if she would go out with me, and guess what? She said yes! I met a girl tonight, guys … and it was fabulous!

Her name is Edith and she lives in London like me. I’ve never seen her before, which is not uncommon for a town like London. With so many people living here, it’s a wonder that you run into family members.

So anyway, Edith told me that she is a nurse at the hospital and I thought, “How old are you?” She barely looked old enough to gamble, let alone to be a nurse. As it turns out, my girl (I can’t believe I just said, “My girl!”) is thirty years old and looking to get back into the dating pool after twelve years of marriage.

Edith got married fresh out of high school. She was in love and her boyfriend was the apple of her eye. So, in the true spirit of love, Edith and her man, Jason Grants, jumped the broom after promising one another an eternity together.

Eternity came up short ten years into the marriage when Edith found out that her man was having an affair. “How could he,” she asked me. “I gave him everything.” She was asking me as if I had an answer to the question. All that I could do was shrug my shoulders and listen intently.

While listening, I learned that my girl is loyal, trustworthy, and willing to fight tooth and nail for anything that she believes in. I hope she believes in me. I hope that she believes in us.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a relationship. Although I am thirty-five, I haven’t had that many girlfriends. Some people blame it on my personality. I guess you could call me an introvert. Other people, however, see the root problem, which is the lack of time. As the assistant director of development for one of the most popular online casinos in town, I don’t have too much time for socializing. I’m just hoping that this first date with Edith will be the start of something new and exciting. Wish me luck!