Well people, I am officially off the market. I took Edith to Zuma and she loved it! I wasn’t quite sure that the Japanese restaurant would have enough luxury to impress her, but Edith isn’t that kind of girl. As it turns out, she lives the simple life and loves to save a euro here and there. Her personality is perfect for me since I, too, am frugal.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t make money. As a developer for the casino, my yearly income is six figures. Just because you bring in the butter, though, it doesn’t mean that you have to use it all up at once. I believe in saving and spending only what is absolutely necessary. Perhaps my passion for budgeting is why my friends are limited.

There are a few people that I call “pal.” Jerrod works for an online casino like me and Lisa doubles as a teacher and bartender. I know, and yes, a teacher and bartender. A girl has got to eat! Anyway, I met them during my collegiate years, and working online hasn’t afforded me the opportunity to consistently go out and meet new people since then. Except for Edith, or course.

Who would have thought that a spontaneous trip to the neighborhood pub would turn into a love connection? Certainly not me. She liked everything about our date at Zuma, from the decor of the restaurant to the food, and even agreed to go out with me a second time. How will I ever top myself? At least this time I kind of have a better idea of her personality.

Edith loves the outdoors and absolutely hates shopping. A girl who hates shopping; imagine that! She’s pretty easygoing but absolutely doesn’t tolerate lying. From where I’m sitting, literally, things are looking up. I wonder what kind of family we would have if we were to go down the matrimonial road. We haven’t discussed these things just yet. I didn’t want to overwhelm her on the first date, you know?
In any case, life with Edith is going to be great. I can already feel the seeds of love growing inside of me.